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How do you make your own scrubs?

How do you make your own scrubs?

Issue Time:2021/03/16

How do you make your own scrubs?

Are you still worried about not being able to make your own clothes? It will be very difficult for novices in this field to make their own scrubs. Let me introduce you a method to customize your own scrubs.


1、Looking for ideas

The first thing that you need to do is find your idea! It's not hard,Your ideas can be words, pictures, or ideas.


2、Find the design of scrub

You already have the idea. The next step is to find the style you like to carry it. You can get the approximate image of the style you want from the Internet, record the part to be modified, and ask them to help you add the idea and modification to the scrubs and create a model.


3、Become real scrubs

You can ask for sample manufacturing, even if you have never done so, I believe you can gain a lot of knowledge through the first attempt.



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