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How to choose uniform manufacturers as long-term suppliers?

How to choose uniform manufacturers as long-term suppliers?

Issue Time:2021/04/02

How to choose uniform manufacturers as long-term suppliers?

For many new clothing brands and enterprises, they want to make their own design or sell, but they are not familiar with clothing manufacturing, so it is difficult to find suitable suppliers.For so many uniform manufacturers on the Internet, they don't know which one to choose to serve them.

Below, we will list some information about how to choose uniform suppliers.

1、They have to have their own factories

At present, many companies claim that they are factories, but in fact they only have a small office, so they don't understand the production of clothing at all. As a result, there will be some problems in the production of clothing, which will lead to great risks in the final production. So we must check the factories and exhibition halls.

2、They can accept ODM and OEM

In this way, you can customize your own style or add your own logo to show your brand and design, Usually, they have 3-5 designers who can design the best styles and styles, and 2-3 pattern makers who can determine the method and position of stitching.

3、Strong sample production team

Good suppliers should constantly learn new fabric knowledge from the market, so that they can make the latest style of clothing, so they can win in the market.

4、Aim to establish long-term cooperative relationship with customers

Good clothing suppliers should respect the needs of customers and pay attention to product quality. They hope to be long-term suppliers of customers, so that they can cooperate with each other and get lower prices and better quality.

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