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Recommend several types of fabrics commonly used in uniforms

Recommend several types of fabrics commonly used in uniforms

Issue Time:2021/07/23

Recommend several types of fabrics commonly used in uniforms

Here in ROPA FAST, we have the following three kinds of fabrics, their main ingredients, advantages and disadvantages of the ingredients and the wayof use are basically as follows, you can choose the appropriate fabric according to your needs:

1.96% polyester,4% spandex

Cost-effective. Can be used as medical uniforms, student uniforms and other uniforms.

Among them, the advantages of polyester: high strength, super elasticity close to wool; heat resistance, light resistance, good abrasion resistance and good chemical resistance;

Disadvantages: The gloss is not soft enough, the air permeability is poor, the dyeing is difficult, the melting resistance is poor, and holes are easily formed in the case of soot, sparks, etc.


The advantages of spandex: large stretchability, good shape retention, and no wrinkle; the best elasticity, good light resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and abrasion resistance; good dyeability, and it is not suitable for fading;

Disadvantages: worst strength, poor moisture absorption; spandex is usually not used alone, but blended with other fabrics; poor heat resistance.

2.78% polyester,18% rayon, 4% spandex

The advantages and disadvantages of the ingredients can refer to the previous one.

3.65% polyester,35% cotton

Medical care fabrics can be used as medical uniforms. The main features: high temperature resistance, chlorine and polyester resistance.

Among them, the advantages of cotton: the fiber has better moisture absorption, higher elasticity, heat resistance and alkali resistance, sanitation and health;

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, easy to deform, easy to stick to the wool, especially acid-proof, when the cotton cloth is contaminated with concentrated sulfuric acid, the cotton cloth is burned into holes.

According to the characteristics of the fabric, the best fabric that meets the comfort of the human body and the customer adapts to the environment. We will respect customer requirements and recommend suitable fabrics.

If you have any questions or needs about fabrics and uniforms, please feel free to contact us.