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Why do some uniforms always have the same colors?

Why do some uniforms always have the same colors?

Issue Time:2021/07/31
Why do some uniforms always have the same colors?

Most people will find that in many workplaces, the colors of their uniforms are always the same for similar jobs. For completely different jobs, the color of the uniform must be different, and even the material of the clothes is very different. When going out for a round, the uniform color is always lighter for hospital work, white, blue, green, pink, or slightly brighter rose red, etc.; while for guard work, the uniform color is darker, generally They are all black, gray, dark blue, etc.; the uniforms of grassroots workers are mostly dark colors; the uniforms of police and traffic police are also fixed colors, such as white, black, dark blue, and security The color of the work is basically the same; for the military, the color of their clothes also changes according to different environments; the uniforms of the students in the school are relatively brighter, and there are many, many work uniforms, and their colors also have their own characteristics.

If you take a closer look, you will find that color plays an important role in work. It can affect people's mood to some extent. Different colors and different shades of colors bring different visual feelings and psychological effects to people.

Here are some common color languages:

Red: Active, enthusiastic, festive, new and strong. Usually see a lot in sports(team uniforms), like football, basketball, etc.

Pink:Gentle, delicate, innocent,soft.

Orange: Confidence, boldness and good personality. 

Yellow: Joy, youth, simplicity and generosity. Some sports uniforms also use this color.

Blue: Calm and silent. A lot of  medical uniforms will be this color.


Purple: Noble and elegant. 

Black: Mysterious, serious and mature. Many security uniforms use this color.

White: Pure, simple and elegant.You can also see that many medical uniforms are in this color. So is the  school uniforms.

The above is our common several colors in life, if you want to know more,please feel free to contact us at any time.