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A few tips for choosing scrub pants

A few tips for choosing scrub pants

Issue Time:2021/08/03

A  few tips for choosing scrub pants

Generally, when we choose scrub pants, we put comfort and functionality in the first place. In short, it is both practical and beautiful. However, perhaps for many people, it is not easy to choose a scrub pants that suits their own minds. The main issue is whether the manufacturer is reliable and the price is reasonable. The combination of these problems often makes it difficult to find a scrubs pants that is cost-effective and meets your requirements. Here, we will mainly introduce a few tips for choosing scrubs pants, mainly for the selection of scrubs pants, that is, the choice in terms of size, style, etc.

1. Choose the style you like

At present, the main styles of scrubs pants are as follows.

A.Missy Fit :These trousers are in a traditional style and are located just above the natural waist. Through the hips, seat and thighs, both legs can be relaxed, and there is enough space for activities.


B.Junior Fit : This type of style generally has a lower waist and is closer to your hip line. Legs and buttocks will look closer to the body than Missy Fit, and will highlight the leg lines.


C.Unisex Fit: For unisex scrubs pants, the small size will be closer to the men's size. Therefore, when ordering, women can choose to order clothes that are one size smaller than usual. Of course, if you are not sure, you can also ask for a size chart when ordering.


D. Athletic Style: This type of style mainly provides a moderately high waist and special functions. The waistband is generally adjustable or elastic, which can increase comfort.

2. Choose the fabric you want

Regarding the main advantages and disadvantages of several fabrics, we had a special news in the previous issues, and you can read that one for details. Here, let’s briefly say that most of the pants are made of a variety of popular fiber blends, such as cotton, polyester, rayon and spandex. You can contact us for details, and we will be happy to answer all the knowledge about here and provide you with suggestions.

3. Make a measurement

This can be done before you want to buy. Generally, the main places that need to be measured are: waist, buttocks, and internal seams. Waist circumference needs to be measured below the smallest part of the waist, and do not pull the tape too tight; hips need to stand with feet together, and then measure the fullest part of the buttocks, which is the largest circle; the inseam needs to be measured along the inner sides of the legs To an inch below the ankle.

4. Choose a size

After 3 is completed, you need to write down all the data so that you can purchase the appropriate size later.

5.Choose the color you want

This step can be carried out at the same time as 1. Our medical uniforms have many colors, and scrub pants naturally have many colors. Under normal circumstances, you will not see prints on the pants, but if you need prints, you can also contact us. There are many colors in medical uniforms, and there is basically no case where we do not have the color you want.

6.Functional requirements

There are many options for scrub pants according to different functions. Examples include antibacterial fabric treatments, pockets of various sizes, breathable mesh vents, knitted panels for extra movement, drawstrings and/or elastic waists, etc. At the time of purchase, determine the features you need, we can provide you with the best choice for you.

If you have anything else you need to know, please feel free to contact us.