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A few tips for choosing scrub cap

A few tips for choosing scrub cap

Issue Time:2021/08/04

A few tips for choosing scrub cap

The scrub cap can also be called scrub hat. The scrub cap used by doctors and nurses mainly wraps the hair and helps disinfect the operating room. Under normal circumstances, doctors, nurses and surgeons will wear scrub caps. Sometimes, in some operations, the patient will also need to wear a scrub cap. Although the scrub cap may be dispensable in the eyes of ordinary people, the scrub cap is an indispensable existence in the daily work of medical staff.

Ropafast summarizes the main styles of several scrub caps. You can take a look at them so that you can choose the style that suits you best or your favorite style when customizing.

1.Ponytail Scrub Cap: This scrub cap is suitable for women with long hair. This hat often has an opening at the back or a small bag at the back, which is worn by women with long pony tails.

2.Bouffant Scrub Cap: Same as the name, this scrub cap is suitable for people with very long hair and a lot of hair. Loose hats can provide more space for their hair, and to a certain extent, ensure the comfort of wearing scrub caps.

3.Pixie Scrub Cap: This hat is the exact opposite of Bouffant Scrub Cap, and is more suitable for medical workers with short hair. After wearing this hat, there is not much extra space. If you have a lot of hair, it is recommended to choose other styles.

4.Disposable Scrub Hat: The above several scrub caps are all made of fabric, but material of this hat is special, and it is suitable for use in special situations such as high infectiousness (Places where infectious diseases occur, such as during the spread of COVID-19) and messy environment. After wearing this scrub cap once, you can no longer wear it.

These are the hats we usually match with medical uniforms.We often choose the most suitable hat to match with medical uniforms according to the needs of customers or according to their requirements. Most scrub caps are one-size-fits-all, so when choosing a hat, customers are generally advised to choose the most suitable hat based on the amount of hair and the length of the hair. Otherwise, it may be uncomfortable to wear or not worn at all.

In addition to paying attention to the length and density of the hair, we also pay attention to the fabric of the scrub cap when customizing. 100% cotton is breathable and lightweight, but it shrinks easily. Cotton-polyester blending is the choice of most people. This is because polyester increases the durability of cotton and helps prevent shrinkage. For the specific percentage of polyester blends, you can contact our sales staff, they will be happy to answer for you.

After the styles and fabrics have been selected, we will also provide you with different designs. Some people like simple and clean solid color models, and some people like beautiful and eye-catching patterns. We also have many print models to choose from: cartoon images, flowers or other customized patterns. Of course, we also have a cute scrub cap with a special style specifically introduced by the medical staff of the children's hospital.Our scrub cap can be equipped with a special customized logo just like medical uniforms.

If you want to order scrub caps, please feel free to  contact us .