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The function of the protective safety vest!

The function of the protective safety vest!

Issue Time:2021/08/05

The function of the protective safety vest!

When we go out, we will see many construction workers wearing special bright-colored vests. Especially in the construction industry and large construction sites such as tunnel excavation, we will see workers wearing such safety vests in real life and on TV. This is because every site that needs construction has hidden safety hazards, whether it is an internal hazard or an external hazard, it is the cause of the accident. Accidents in these construction sites with potential safety hazards will not only limit productivity, but also reduce the enthusiasm of workers and their comfort at work. An effective safety vest will provide safety for the workers in the construction site, allowing you to work safely and worry-free. Ropafast's protective safety vest can provide you with security.

Below we will list some of the advantages that a protective safety vest should have.

Fire prevention

Some materials used to make safety vests are fireproof. Safety vests made of these materials can withstand extreme temperatures. Compared with ordinary vests, people wearing safety vests will have a higher survival rate than those wearing ordinary vests in the event of a fire . One function that the current protective safety vest must have is fire prevention.

Water proof

Just as necessary as fire prevention is waterproofing. Safety vests are usually waterproof. When it rains, you can use them as a raincoat.


Some special work places may be darker or need to work at night. The special fabric on the reflective safety vest will reflect the light back to the light source when encountering light. This is mainly based on the principle of retroreflection, that is, the long-distance light irradiated on the reflective material is reflected back to the light source with a certain intensity according to the original path of the light. This kind of fabric is especially suitable for night work, dark workplaces and night law enforcement by traffic police, which are also necessary for these jobs.

Bright colors

Safety vests are usually bright colors. The bright and vivid colors are remarkable and easy to be spotted. If it is on the highway, the driver can easily find and avoid the people who are working on the highway, and even the traffic police can easily direct the road traffic when they are dressed in bright colors.

Protective safety vests minimize many workplace hazards. Workers in hazardous liquid spills, radiation exposure, fire hazards, electrical short circuits, and other hazardous occupations need or even must wear this type of protective safety vest. Personal protective equipment (PPE) consists of specific safety clothing. Safety glasses, helmets and the safety vest we introduced are the most common parts of PPE.

Protective safety vests are divided into several types according to work needs. We hope that you can tailor your own professional needs or  consult  our sales staff  directly to choose the most suitable  safety vest  for you.If your safety vest needs other  customizations , such as pockets, logos, etc., you can  contact us , and we will meet your clothes requirements.