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How to choose the right medical uniform?

How to choose the right medical uniform?

Issue Time:2021/08/11

How to choose the right medical uniform?

Whether in reality or in TV series or movies, you will see doctors and nurses in laboratories, hospitals (whether dental clinics, pet hospitals, or other medical institutions) wearing  medical uniforms . Since lab coats and scrub uniforms became a trend, medical uniforms have become one of the indispensable equipment for many medical workers. In the previous news, Ropafast introduced a few tips for choosing the right scrub pants and scrub hats. Then, when selecting suitable medical uniforms for medical uniform manufacturers, please pay attention to the following points:


Medical staff have many tasks every day, and many tools need to be carried with them to save time and ensure that the incident is completed in time. Therefore, medical uniforms with many pockets are especially important for them. Uniforms with a reasonable number of pockets are very helpful. For example, medical scissors, hemostatic forceps, flashlights, many pens, notepads and many other necessary tools must be placed in the pocket.

Therefore, it is particularly important for medical workers who have a lot of tools to choose medical uniforms with many pockets or deep enough pockets. Those uniforms with large and deep pockets can even hold tablets or workbooks.

Loose/Slim fit

With the development of medical uniforms, many styles have been developed. A series of different seams and cuts, according to the needs of different personnel, there are especially many uniforms that are mainly suitable for women, mainly for men and unisex.

The main difference between them is looseness or slim fit. Generally speaking, the waist of women's uniforms is often narrower than that of men's, while the shoulders of men's uniforms are wider than women's uniforms, and the sleeve space is larger.

Please note that the self-cultivation we mentioned does not limit your activities because of work requirements. The self-cultivation here means that on the premise of a fit, there is still enough space to stay active and stand up quickly. So don’t worry at all, slim-fitting uniforms will restrict your activities.


Traditionally, nurses and doctors wear white uniforms, but as research has found, green or other green uniforms are more suitable on the operating table. These colors are also more convenient than white in cleaning up residual red blood. In addition, most importantly, wearing blue-green or green scrub uniforms on the operating table can help doctors restore their eyesight and avoid visual fatigue caused by staring at bright white or red objects.

Ropafast has a professional production team, we can provide you with the most perfect medical uniform for you according to your specific needs. If you have ordering requirements for medical uniforms, please feel free to  contact us.