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The characteristics of a perfect medical uniform!

The characteristics of a perfect medical uniform!

Issue Time:2021/08/17

The characteristics of a perfect medical uniform

Medical uniforms  almost accompany the working lives of medical staff such as doctors and nurses. A perfect medical uniform is not only good for medical staff, but also good for patients. For example, a uniform with the right color and style will not only make the medical staff wearing it feel comfortable and easy to move, but for the patient, the appropriate color can alleviate the inner anxiety and calm the patient's mood. If you are still hesitant when choosing a uniform and do not know how to start, Ropafast introduces you to some issues that should be paid attention to when choosing a medical uniform.


Since the work content of different departments will have different work characteristics, different departments will have different requirements for styles. For example, medical staff in the emergency department have very high requirements on the size or size of the uniform pocket, while medical staff in the pediatric department may need bright and lively styles. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the needs of looseness and fit. The payment cuts for men and women are often different. For the same size, the waist of women's uniforms is often narrower, and the shoulders and sleeves of men's uniforms are wider. Therefore, when choosing, please pay attention to your work needs and choose a set of  medical uniforms  with suitable functions.


Before, our doctors and nurses would wear white uniforms, but later research found that green or cyan would be more suitable. This is because, during long-term surgery, the doctor's exposure to green will relieve visual fatigue. In addition, color will be easier to clean than white.


This is very important. When mentioning the style, the importance of the pocket was mentioned. Due to the working characteristics of medical staff, the pockets must be large enough or deep enough. Therefore, when purchasing medical uniforms, in addition to jacket pockets, it is also necessary to choose uniform pants with pockets.

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