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The role play of school uniforms among students

The role play of school uniforms among students

Issue Time:2021/08/18

The role play of school uniforms among students

After a long period of home schooling due to the new crown epidemic, I believe that many schools have now resumed school classes. When studying at home, some schools no longer have requirements for school uniforms, and after returning to school, the requirement to wear school uniforms to class also reappears. If you don’t have to go to school, you don’t need to wear school uniform.

First of all,  school uniforms  are an important part of campus culture. The school uniform not only represents the identity of the student, but also represents the brand of the school. In addition, the school uniform makes the whole school a connected whole, not only a visual whole, but also a spiritual one. With schools that wear their own uniforms, their students tend to be more united.

At the same time, the school uniform also means that the students wear the same in the school. Although there will be some differences in school uniforms for boys and girls, they are still a harmonious whole. The same dress makes students rarely feel repulsive and low self-esteem in school (for example, among the uniformly dressed students, it is difficult for us to see the student's family financial situation at a glance). Low self-esteem can seriously damage children’s self-esteem and their active performance. A uniform school uniform can at least to some extent reduce the negative psychology of students. It is worth mentioning that many parents believe that school uniforms make students look more energetic (compared to wearing regular uniforms to school).

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