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Understand the compression grade of compression socks

Understand the compression grade of compression socks

Issue Time:2021/08/21
Understand the compression grade of compression socks

The role of compression stockings is to promote the improvement of blood flow in the legs. The compression of the socks gently pushes the blood flow in the legs and helps prevent swelling and even blood clots. However, if you have never bought compression socks before, you may not know that there are different compression levels for compression socks, and each level has a different effect. If you are buying compression stockings on your own, please read on to learn how to choose the right pressure level for you (if you are following your doctor's prescription, please follow your doctor's prescription to buy).

First of all, there are two important things to understand before choosing compression socks: the amount of compression and the required size. If you are buying by yourself, please take care to measure your own size. The measurement method is: in the morning before the swelling occurs, measure the circumference of the ankle (around the ankle), the circumference of the calf, and the length of the calf (from the knee to the heel, the legs are at a 90-degree angle). Then choose the most suitable size according to the size table provided by the merchant. If you have doubts about your measurement size, you can consult a business or consult a medical staff.

Mild compression 15-20mmHg :  prevent and relieve mild to moderate varicose veins, relieve fatigue and soreness of legs, and relieve slight swelling of feet and legs.

Moderate compression 20-30mmHg  prevent and relieve moderate to severe varicose veins, treat moderate to severe lymphedema, and treat active ulcers or post-thrombotic syndrome.

Firm compression 30-40mmgh :  ulcer management, post-thrombotic syndrome.

The most common choice is a compression level of 15-20mmHg. This level of compression is usually sufficient to treat common problems such as leg pain, swelling, fatigue, and mild varicose veins.

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