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How to choose a school uniform custom wholesale maker?

How to choose a school uniform custom wholesale maker?

Issue Time:2021/08/23

How to choose a school uniform custom wholesale maker

School uniforms  can directly show the image of a school, and a suitable school uniform is very important to the school. We list a few points to help you choose a uniform manufacturer for cooperation.

Try to unify the brand

Although many schools require students to wear uniforms, the schools do not arrange to purchase uniforms. Instead, parents are recommended to purchase them on their own. This is likely to cause students to wear uniforms, but they are not uniform in terms of color and style (even wearing other schools). Uniform).

In fact, whether it is school uniforms or  other uniforms , it is extremely important to choose a manufacturer for uniform design and production. Distributed buying does not show the image of the school very well. Moreover, due to the occurrence of COVID-19, in-store purchases seem to be a difficult task. A uniform manufacturer can provide you with uniform fabrics and other accessory materials (different colors of different clothes will never happen). In this way, it will have a great advantage in promoting the school image (because of fashionable styles, uniform badges, Uniform colors, etc.).


The school's funding for uniforms is also a very important issue. Because school uniforms are uniforms that need to be worn every day and need to be cleaned daily, low-quality uniforms are not expensive but will fade and deform after multiple washings. High-quality uniforms will not cause the problem of low-quality uniforms but are expensive. Therefore, choosing a uniform with a reasonable price and a good quality does not seem to be a simple matter. Everyone hopes to choose uniforms with uniform quality and price within the scope of budget. This is not a difficult task for a good and suitable uniform maker. A trustworthy and excellent uniform manufacturer will have many cooperating fabric manufacturers. Their rich experience in sourcing fabrics and uniform production will tell them which fabric is of good quality and reasonable price. You can directly communicate with the manufacturer when customizing, and they will provide you with the most suitable fabric.


Qualified uniform manufacturers can make samples first. If samples cannot be made, please choose other manufacturers to cooperate. After confirming the production of samples, some samples are to be sent or photographed for viewing. You can choose between the two (of course, the shipping cost of the sample is generally required by you). After sample modification and confirmation, the manufacturer will confirm with you and start mass production.

The above are what you need to pay attention to and the abilities that a qualified uniform manufacturer should have. If the manufacturer you choose cannot provide these services, please choose another manufacturer.

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