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How should I choose the color of scrub uniforms?

How should I choose the color of scrub uniforms?

Issue Time:2021/08/24

How should I choose the color of scrub uniforms?

Seeing this title, you may be wondering, isn't the uniform color decided according to your own hobbies? Of course, we are not saying that buying according to hobbies is not good. When buying clothes for daily wear, most of us buy according to our hobbies and upper body effects. For  work uniforms , especially work uniforms for medical professions, we will recommend that you pay attention to the fit of work and uniforms when purchasing.

For example, some people like red, because red can set off your hair color and skin tone. But red as a medical uniform reminds people of blood, which is not very good for patients. Investigations show that red can cause anxiety in patients. Therefore, we suggest that before buying  scrub uniforms , you also need to consider the relationship of each color in the entire cultural and medical field. Here is what you need to know about the meaning of colors in scrub uniforms:

Through social, cultural practice and psychological research, colors have different meanings and are associated with different values. For example, in Western culture, blue is regarded as calm and reassuring, while red mostly represents alarm. When choosing colors for scrub uniforms, you need to take these cultural and social connections into consideration. You also need to give special consideration to how these colors relate to the environment. On Valentine's Day, red may remind people of romance, but in hospitals, red only reminds patients of blood. If you observe carefully, you will find that the uniform colors of different departments in some hospitals are also different. For example, surgeons often wear green scrub uniforms, while obstetricians and gynecologists may wear light pink or purple.

Although scrub uniforms are available in many colors, the most common colors we use in hospitals are green and blue. But this is not always the case. In the past, white was a common color used by hospital staff. White is reminiscent of purity and calmness. However, the all-white uniform not only makes the blood stains particularly noticeable, but also makes the eyes very tired (blood stains are not so obvious on blue or green uniforms). Over time, green and blue medical uniforms replaced white medical uniforms.

If you look at the same color for a long time, your eyes will feel tired, but staring at the green and blue scrub uniforms can relieve surgeons’ eye fatigue during long-term surgery. Therefore, green is often closely related to the operating room, and other departments have begun to wear blue scrub uniforms to distinguish themselves. It has been the same to this day. However, not every department will have the opportunity to be contaminated with blood. If you are a general practitioner, you can choose scrub uniforms in colors other than green or blue.

Maybe some hospital uniforms do not require you to worry about, because the hospital will specify the color, you only need to buy it according to the requirements. If you need to buy scrub uniforms yourself, please remember that light colors are more likely to show stains than dark colors, and solid and dark colors will appear thinner. Darker colors are more serious than lighter colors. If you like to mix and match scrub uniforms, neutral colors are a good choice (gray, black, white, etc.). It is also a good choice to choose the color of the uniform according to the skin tone.

You can also choose scrub uniforms of any color you want, but this does not mean that you don't need to consider the meaning of scrub uniforms when choosing work clothes. If you have difficulty choosing colors when buying uniforms, please feel free to  contact us  and we will be happy to answer you.