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How to properly clean the stubborn stains on scrub uniforms?

How to properly clean the stubborn stains on scrub uniforms?

Issue Time:2021/08/27

How to properly clean the dirt on scrub uniforms?

In daily work, medical staff will inevitably get various stubborn stains on scrub uniforms--medical water, blood, urine and other body fluids. Once contaminated, many people need to spend a lot of time searching for how to deal with these stains contaminated on scrub uniforms. This is not only troublesome but also a waste of time. If the cleaning method is improper, it will not only shorten the life of scrub uniforms, but also increase the economic burden (because the life of uniforms becomes shorter, you have to continue to buy a lot of scrub uniforms). We have summarized some practical and effective methods to clean up stubborn stains, and hope to help you.

! ! ! First of all, before cleaning, be sure to observe whether there are solid residues on your scrub uniforms. If so, be sure to hang off the solid residue with a tongue depressor, spoon or knife first, and remember not to use a cloth to remove the residue (using a cloth will further press the stain into the fabric).

Blood :  Do not use hot water! Soak in cold water for a period of time. After soaking, keep washing the blood-contaminated area with cold water. Use a strong detergent to wipe, and then let it stand for five to ten minutes, and finally wash with cold water.

Liquid medicine :  If any medicine has left color on your scrub uniforms. You can choose to add fluorine-containing bleach in cold water to soak for one to eight hours, and finally wash in cold water.

Urine, feces, and vomit :  This type of stain contains protein. You can wash it with cold water first, then use heavy detergent, and then add a small half cup of baking soda to the washing water. Pay attention to the use of cold water.

Oily stains :  It is recommended to use warm water and hot water, and soak in heavy-duty detergent for five to ten minutes, and finally wash with hot water.

Iodine :  Use warm water. Add strong detergent to warm water and rinse at the end.

Using the correct cleaning method to deal with stubborn stains can extend the life of your scrub uniform and save money spent on uniforms. If you just clean the normal scrubs with no obvious stains, you can click to view a news article we have posted before.

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