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How to properly organize the uniforms taken off during the season?

How to properly organize the uniforms taken off during the season?

Issue Time:2021/08/28

How to properly organize the uniforms taken off during the season?

In some areas, due to the change of seasons, many work uniforms will start to replace the summer short-sleeved uniforms-- school uniforms medical&beauty uniformscatering&hotel uniforms , security uniforms  and other short-sleeved uniforms need to be replaced. However, due to improper organization, many people will find that the clothes are wrinkled or moldy when they take out their summer uniforms the following year. Uniforms are not only simple uniform clothes, but also an external image display of the collective and the company. Clean and tidy uniforms help to show the perfect image of the collective to the outside world. Therefore, it is very important to properly maintain and organize uniforms! ROPAFAST today briefly introduces the correct way to organize uniforms.


Many people will wash their clothes before organizing and storing (this is good). But pay attention to the uniform material when washing, and choosing the appropriate washing method can prolong the life of your uniform. For example, cotton uniforms can be hand-washed or machine-washed, but be careful to hang the uniforms in a cool place to dry and avoid exposure to the sun. All suits and uniforms are machine washable. In addition, wool uniforms must be machine-washed. You can choose to wash them by hand or dry clean. One thing to add, when you get a new uniform, the first time you wash it is the best time to keep the color (the washing method is accurate, and the color will not fade first).


Be sure to iron your clothes before storing. This will ensure that your clothes will not wrinkle the next time you take out the uniform. Of course, in addition to ironing, you must fold your uniform neatly or hang it neatly on a hanger. Remember to put your clothes neatly.

Storage space

When storing uniforms, please choose a dry and clean space. This will not only prevent the clothes from getting wet or even moldy, but also ensure that you will not waste time washing and drying the uniforms next time you wear them. Be sure to avoid places with any smell or humidity!

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