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Precautions for choosing a company's uniform supplier!

Precautions for choosing a company's uniform supplier!

Issue Time:2021/09/01

Precautions for choosing a company's uniform supplier!

Choosing a uniforms manufacturer is not a difficult task, but it seems difficult to choose a reliable uniforms manufacturer whose quality, workmanship and price are in line with your expectations. Appropriate high-quality uniforms are important accessories to show the company's image to the outside world. Uniforms can have a long-term impact on the company's brand. If you are worrying about choosing a high-quality uniforms manufacturer, welcome to contact us. We also listed some things you should pay attention to when choosing a supplier.

Confirm uniform type

Imagine engineers working in medical uniforms and medical staff working in engineering uniforms. What would this be like? Maybe you will find it absurd. Then imagine that firefighters wear medical uniforms and medical staff wear firefighting uniforms. Isn't this very understandable? What I mean is that when you customize employee uniforms, it is best to summarize the functions of the uniforms you want to customize. Fireproof, waterproof, washable, etc., are all things you need to consider.

Fabric confirmation

After confirming the required functions of the uniform, if you are not familiar with uniform fabrics, you can directly ask the uniforms manufacturer. A professional uniform supplier will select the most suitable fabric for you according to your needs. In addition, pay attention to the service life of the uniform. Long service life means that the fabric and workmanship of the uniform are very good, which also saves you a part of the money. Of course, the usual maintenance and washing of uniforms is also an important factor affecting the service life of uniforms. We have published several articles about the correct washing method to prolong the service life of uniforms (click to read).

Style and size

A professional uniforms manufacturer will have its own design of uniform styles, and can also accept design drawings provided by customers (because these uniform suppliers have professional design teams). After confirming the style, pay attention to the size issue. The size of the employee must be confirmed, just in case, you can compare the size chart provided by the supplier to choose the most suitable size. Fit is a characteristic that a uniform should have.


Due to work needs, the uniform requirements required by various industries are not the same. Medical uniforms need a lot of pockets. Chef uniforms should also have one or two pockets. It is even more necessary that safety uniforms have reflective tapes. So, please note that if a uniform supplier can't even do this, they must avoid them.

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