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Tips when choosing a men's lab coat

Tips when choosing a men's lab coat

Issue Time:2021/09/07

Tips when choosing a men's lab coat

Buying a doctor's lab coat is easy. However, for graduated medical students and promoted medical staff, it does not seem so easy to find a perfect fashion high-quality lab coat that fits their own aesthetics. They often have to consider issues such as style, length, and sleeve length. The coat lengths of some medical personnel in different departments we saw in the hospital were also different.

A high-quality and stylish lab coat can help doctors and medical students improve their self-confidence at work. Here are some tips to help you choose a men’s lab coat.

Consider the department

If it is difficult for you to choose a lab coat with many styles, it is recommended that you combine your major or department to observe or understand which styles will provide greater help or wear more comfortably at work. According to the survey, male medical staff in dentistry prefer slim and slim styles, and they often choose long coats. Medical staff working in obstetrics, laboratories, etc. will also prefer long lab coats. Pharmacists and some medical students like short lab coats.

Consider height and dress length

The length of the general coat wearing effect depends on your height. To find your ideal experimental coat, please pay attention to know the length of the coat before confirming the purchase. If your height is higher than average and more than 6 feet 1 inch, please pay attention to buying a 44-inch coat, or if you want longer, you can buy a coat of more than 44 inches. Men of medium height can choose a 38-42 inch jacket. The least error-free jacket length is 40 inches.

Style selection

The styles of most lab coats are not too different, but there are some differences. For some details, such as buttons, cuffs, necklines, pockets, etc., you need to consider whether you need details (such as a jacket with an inner pocket, or a jacket with a zipper, or whether the jacket has buttons or snaps, etc.). If you are ordering wholesale or high-end lab coat manufacturers, they will also provide embroidery and other logo decoration designs. If you want to have your own name or unique logo and pattern on the jacket, you can choose to add logo embroidery when purchasing.

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