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Some tips for adding points to nurses' dressing~

Some tips for adding points to nurses' dressing~

Issue Time:2021/09/10

Some tips for adding points to nurses' dressing~

Gray scrubs

If you have blonde hair, try more neutral gray clothes. Gray has always been the current trend color, and it is also the most error-free color. Gray uniforms can relieve eye fatigue, and to a certain extent can also calm the mood. So if you have beautiful blonde hair, you can boldly try grey scrubs.

White and red scrubs

White and red have always been a classic color combination for nurses, but be careful to choose too bright red, sometimes pure red will remind people of blood. Pink and other reds are the colors that many nurses like. If you are also a red lover, you might as well try red scrubs.

Blue series

Royal blue, navy blue, ceil blue are our best-selling classic blue uniforms. Blue is calm and comfortable. Choosing blue has always been a color that can't go wrong.

Leggings scrubs

Slim-fit leggings have always been our popular style. Of course, we have a variety of styles. Slim-fit leggings can perfectly show your figure, please remember, no matter when, don't be ashamed to show your figure. You can choose exercise type or work type according to your preferences.

Tight pants will look better with a printed top, and the drawstring waist design can also give the pants a sense of fashion.

With logo or pattern

We recommend that you add your own unique logo or other patterns you like when shopping for scrubs. Scrubs with logo design are often more unique. If you need logo customization, you can contact us.

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