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What does 4 way stretch mean?

What does 4 way stretch mean?

Issue Time:2021/09/16

What does 4 way stretch mean?

If you have browsed multiple products on our website, you will definitely find that "4-way stretch" appears many times in our product name or product description.So, what does "4-direction stretch" mean?

What we currently have and are common in the market are unidirectional stretch, bidirectional stretch and 4 way stretch fabrics.The specific differences are as follows:

A:Unidirectional stretching means that the fabric can stretch left and right but will not recover.

B:Bidirectional stretching means that the fabric can not only stretch left and right but also recover.

C:4 way stretch means that the fabric can be stretched or even recovered in both the width and the longitudinal direction.

Based on the above explanation, 4 way stretch fabrics are naturally the best choice.People wearing clothes made of four-way stretch fabrics can perform free stretching exercises, such as running and jumping.People wearing uniforms made of 4 way stretch fabrics can freely stretch their activities at work, and there are no restrictions.

Due to the many activities of medical staff at work, 4 way stretch fabrics have always been the best choice for their medical uniforms.

Many of our scrub uniforms are made of 4 way stretch fabrics, and if you have fabric needs, we can use the corresponding fabrics to make the style you need.

Our scrub uniforms are not only available in various fabrics, but also in many colors. If you need to order or wholesale scrub uniforms, please contact us. We will also publish some of our styles on our ins(ropafast8), welcome to follow us~