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Discounts for the last 7 days of September!

Discounts for the last 7 days of September!

Issue Time:2021/09/23

Discounts for the last 7 days of September!

Are you ready to save big?

With the last seven days left in September, our discount event has begun!

During these 7 days, we offer a discount of up to 20%, which means that the more quantity ordered, the greater the discount (not more than 20% in the end). Our discount range includes all products on our website. We also accept picture customization, but it takes a certain amount of time (because our design team needs a certain amount of design time).

About the delivery time during the discount period. If you order the product, we have the stock and the order quantity is within our inventory quantity, we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible. If it is a product that is out of stock, our delivery time will be a little later, and the specific delivery time needs to be contacted with our salesperson. Before you place an order, he will tell you the estimated time of stocking and the date of delivery. If you want to know whether the scrub uniforms you want are in stock, you can directly ask our sales staff.

We have a variety of scrub uniforms: ordinary scrub uniforms,functional scrub uniforms with many pockets, stylish scrub uniforms, classic scrub uniforms, scrub uniforms that combine fashion and function, etc.; our scrubs are suitable for many places, such as hospitalsdental clinicsPet clinics, Beauty salons and so on. Different styles have a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from.

If you want to save big, please don't miss this discount event! If you have more questions or need to customize or wholesale uniforms, please feel free to contact us~

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