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How to choose a scrub that can modify your figure?

How to choose a scrub that can modify your figure?

Issue Time:2021/09/24

How to choose a scrub that can modify your body type?

When you browse our website, you will find that we have many styles, but you don't know which one is best for you, you can read this news.

In our daily lives, we will try our best to show our figure and choose clothes that can modify ourselves, and medical uniforms are no exception. You can choose the scrub uniform that suits you best according to the following methods.

1. If you have confidence in yourself or don't care about the techniques of grooming your figure, and only focus on comfort, most of our scrubs are suitable. The only thing to note is whether you want a loose fit or a tight fit.

2. If you have an apple or pear shape.Pay attention to the following first. In our opinion, those with wider breasts, waist and hips are apple-shaped figures; those with smaller breasts and wider waists and hips are pear-shaped figures. For people of this kind of figure, don't choose tight-fitting or loose-fitting tops. Fitting is the best choice; in the choice of trousers, you can try straight-leg pants, flared pants or wide-leg pants.

If you are a man, you can try a dark-colored top. If conditions permit, you can try a polo shirt. The pants are also loose-fitting.

3. The V-shaped body we usually call refers to those with a wide shoulder and a thin waist. If you have a wider breast and smaller hips, then you have a V-shaped body. Women with this body shape are best suited to wear solid color tops, tights and sleeveless tops. When choosing bottoms to match these tops, if you can try flared pants, overalls or wide-leg pants.

Polo shirts are still very suitable for men with a V-shaped body. For collar frogs, you can also try layered, V-neck and unisex tops.

4.  If you are an hourglass-shaped person, then you must have a thin waist and large hips and breasts. This is also our common female figure. Women of this type of figure can try mock wrap tops, and then choose to match straight pants, wide-leg pants or flared pants.

Finally, consider the fabric and color of the top when choosing, which will give your scrubs extra points.

If you are customizing or wholesale scrubs uniforms for the first time, please contact us, we will answer your questions according to your questions. You can follow our ins accountropafast8 to view the latest products or discount activities.