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Precautions for purchasing uniforms for automotive technicians

Precautions for purchasing uniforms for automotive technicians

Issue Time:2021/09/28

Precautions for purchasing uniforms for automotive technicians

Due to work needs, we must pay attention to the following tips when choosing work uniforms for automobile workers in order to purchase suitable uniforms.

1. Durable and breathable: The workplace of automotive technicians is sometimes very hot or sweats a lot during work. At this time, it is important to choose a durable and breathable work uniform. High-quality durablebreathable and sweat-absorbent uniforms can improve the comfort of employees to a certain extent.

2.  Liquid resistance: engine oil or other oily non-oily liquids are often encountered during work. A uniform with a liquid-proof function can not only increase the service life of the uniform, but also prevent various liquids from penetrating the fabric and improve the wearing comfort of employees.

3. Function (pocket): This is very important. Having more pockets is not a bad thing. Some commonly used or small tools can be carried in the pockets of work clothes, which greatly improves the convenience.

4. Comfort and flexibility: Due to the needs of work, some bending, squatting, and lying down movements are indispensable when working. A uniform that can make large movements is very important.

5. Stain removal: Same as point 2, due to work needs, uniforms cannot be kept clean and fresh all the time. At this time, a uniform that can block some liquids or even washable fabrics will have a great advantage. So when choosing uniforms pay attention to choose uniforms made with easy-to-clean and fade-resistant fabrics.

The above are some tips that we should pay attention to when choosing the uniforms for automotive technicians. If you have more questions or need to wholesale uniforms for your company,please feel free to contact us. We provide professional and high-quality work uniforms for staff in various industries, welcome to custom or  wholesale~