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The composition and selection techniques of chef uniforms

The composition and selection techniques of chef uniforms

Issue Time:2021/09/29

The composition and selection techniques of chef uniforms

The common suits of chef uniforms are tops, pants and chef hats, and some restaurants will also be accompanied by an apron. Chef uniforms are not only a symbol of status, but also protect the presence of the chef-avoid being splashed by oil and avoid being injured by high temperatures.

The design of the chef hat has many uses. They can prevent hair from falling into food, catching fire or being pinched by equipment. The chef hat can also absorb some of the sweat on the chef's forehead, and the air in it can keep the head cool in a hot kitchen.

It is traditionally believed that the more folds on the hat (up to 100) or the higher the hat, the more experience the chef has. Similarly, white is traditionally regarded as a hygienic color, which is why most of what we see on TV and in life are white hats.

The catering top has the most styles. The most common is the double-breasted style catering top. The function of the double-breasted jacket is that if the front of the jacket is dirty, you can turn the flap over and hide the dirty behind to keep the appearance clean. The two-layer chef uniform can also provide better protection for the chef from heat, overflow, steam and splashing.

The long-sleeved chef uniform can protect the arms from burns. In addition, the long-sleeved also provides improved functions, with extra space for items such as thermometer pockets.

One of the most popular chef uniform colors is white because it symbolizes cleanliness and perfection, while also helping to transfer heat. Many restaurants, especially chefs who work in open kitchens, choose to wear black chef uniforms. This is because black can hide stains to a certain extent. Of course, the color of uniforms is not limited to white and black. There are many styles and colors of chef uniforms to choose from. If the restaurant does not limit the style and color, you can choose what you like as your work uniform.

Chef aprons generally choose colors or styles based on tops or trousers. The most classic can't go wrong is black or other dark colors, because the dark apron is not as obvious as the light color if it is stained.

There are no special requirements for chef pants, as long as they are comfortable to wear, easy to move, and have some pockets.

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