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Jacket guide: help you choose the right custom jacket

Jacket guide: help you choose the right custom jacket

Issue Time:2021/10/14

Jacket guide: help you choose the right custom jacket

When the temperature starts to drop, it means that we need to start preparing to wear a jacket. Jackets made of different fabrics have different functions. We can even add a unique logo on the jacket to make our jacket more fashion. We have compiled a small guide on the different types of jackets we offer to help you choose the most suitable jacket.

Read on to find out which jacket is best for you!

Softshell jackets are made of softer materials and feel more comfortable. Lighter jackets are great for fall, and warmer jackets are also suitable for winter. This type of jacket has cotton, wool, fleece, leather or other mixed fabrics. This type of jacket has the characteristics of breathability, comfort and warmth, and there are many colors and styles. If you want to buy this type of jacket, please contact us, we will provide you with the best quality purchasing advice.

Softshell jackets
Softshell jackets

Thermal jackets are usually made of polyester with a quilted shell design. Thermal jackets have an inner insulation layer that traps hot air to keep you extra warm, and the outer layer is usually waterproof to keep you dry and protected. They usually have a stylish design, making them perfect stacks. This type of jacket can basically accompany you through a cold winter.

ROPAFAST’s thermal jackets are available in various styles, so you don’t have to worry about quality at all. Come and order our warm jacket to accompany you through this cold winter~

Thermal jackets
Three-in-one jackets

The three-in-one jacket is famous for its durable design and high-quality protection. These custom jackets are constructed to withstand extreme cold weather temperatures and harsh weather conditions. They are designed with a polyester outer layer and inner fleece lining, as well as a waterproof and snow-proof material finish. This style of jacket usually has a longer parka length to provide additional coverage, as well as a hood and zipper pockets. This type of jacket can withstand severe cold and is the first choice for many travelers.

Before entering the winter, come and order a warm jacket~ ROPAFAST provides you with the best quality jackets. Welcome to contact us to learn more and order.