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How to wear a scrub undershirt?

How to wear a scrub undershirt?

Issue Time:2021/10/15

How to wear a scrub undershirt?

As the temperature drops, scrubs inner has become the basic choice for many people to spend autumn and winter. So what is a frosted undershirt, and how should we choose a suitable frosted undershirt?

Undershirts or scrubs inner refers to any clothes worn under your scrub. Nowadays, they mainly wear long-sleeved or short-sleeved undershirts under the scrubs. Generally, there are two styles of loose and slim. Scrubs inner can give you warmth in the cold autumn and winter, and it is also a popular fashion outfit.

How to choose scrubs inner?

Like buying scrubs, we can pay attention to fabrics, colors and styles, and then choose them according to our needs.Here are a few couture color combos for inspiration:


Choose an undershirt in complementary shades like royal blue, navy blue,etc. For contrasting colors, consider lime green, gray, teal, or turquoise. 

ROYAL BLUE, NAVY SCRUBS, Pewter and black

Royal blue and navy look insanely good next to almost any hue. For an unexpected pairing try pink, yellow or white.


If your scrubs are neutral tones like pewter, black, white, and tan, the world is your oyster. Pick any color you like. 

Scrubs Inner Keep You Stylish

If you're part of a growing number of health care workers who have tattoos in obvious places, wearing long sleeve scrubs inner may actually help you get a job or promotion. 

While some industries are more "ink-friendly" than others, research shows that most health care delivery organizations have polices against visible body modifications like tattoos, facial piercings, scarification, and implants. It’s not the perfect solution, but long-sleeve undershirts could be a quick, short-term fix.

Way to dress SCRUBS INNER

There are no fashion rules for accessorizing your medical uniform. However, there are best practices and policies.You can choose your favorite scrubs inner according to your needs or preferences.

Does the hospital where you work has the same dress code for women's clothing and men's clothing? Maybe the departments in your hospital may have different requirements. As far as we know, in some hospitals, long-sleeved underwear can be used in most departments, but it is prohibited in the operating room.

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