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Stethoscope Charms and Seven More Ways to Personalize Your Uniform

Stethoscope Charms and Seven More Ways to Personalize Your Uniform

Issue Time:2021/10/20

Stethoscope Charms and Seven More Ways to Personalize Your Uniform

Nurses usually have to wear scrubs to work, but beyond that, there are many ways to personalize your appearance. Not only can you choose from dozens of solid color scrubs, there are also various printed scrubs to choose from (even holiday scrubs). But personalizing your medical uniform does not stop with your scrubs. Read the article to learn about the methods for customizing the appearance, which are recognized by hospitals and nurses.


Speaking of stethoscopes, don't forget that you can go beyond the classic black and silver. The tubes are available in dozens of colors, and the metal head provides a variety of finishes, such as gold or black. If you are worried about your stethoscope being confused with other people's stethoscopes, you can engrave your name, initials or even special information on it. So, feel free to go for a special stethoscope just for you~

Stethoscope Charms

Stethoscope Charms are small decorative elements that snap around the tubing of a stethoscope, almost like a cuff bracelet. Add just one for an understated look, or string a few together to match a whole color scheme or theme. Many hospitals or units don’t allow actual jewelry for safety reasons, since patients can grab them, so think of these charms as jewelry for your stethoscope.

Compression socks

Except you, no one will see your socks, but this does not mean that they have no special needs. Compression stockings are one of the most important parts of any nurse's uniform because they improve blood circulation and help prevent blood clotting-and they all use a series of interesting designs including stripes, dots, flowers and even leopard prints . Come and order special compression socks~

Shoes and Clogs

Of course, nursing shoes come in your standard neutral colors—brown, black, grey —just like any type of business shoe. However, if you don’t want to go the traditional route, nursing clogs also come in a variety of bright patterns and colors. From fire engine red to a swirling rainbow mosaic to a bold floral pattern, these shoes are anything but ho-hum. If you want a different silhouette from the clog, you can try a sneaker or slip-on instead. Not only will your shoes’ design stand out from the crowd, they will also keep you comfortable as you stand for hours a day.

Badge holder

You must wear your badge, so you might as well display it in a stylish way. Choose from lanyards or scrolls and many different designs and patterns. When customizing uniforms, you can even use badge holders to represent your alma mater or dedicated career.

Water-Resistant Watch

Watches may seem antiquated, but as a nurse, you won’t always have a cell phone on you (some hospitals or units don’t allow cell phone use during shifts). There might not always be a wall clock nearby, so wearing a water-resistant watch ensures that you always know what time it is while adding a bit of color to your look.

Pins and Embroidery

If your hospital or unit allows it, you can purchase pins to wear on your lanyard or lab coat. Professional nursing pins can indicate your specialty or certification, while others advocate for a cause of your choice. Engravable name tags are also available if you need a form of identification.

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