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The Dilemma of Wearing Printed Scrubs - Pros and Cons

The Dilemma of Wearing Printed Scrubs - Pros and Cons

Issue Time:2021/10/21

The Dilemma of Wearing Printed Scrubs - Pros and Cons

In the past few years, scrubs have become very fashionable and popular. If you work in a medical institution that does not strictly require uniform uniformity, you can choose to buy printed scrub jackets and tops that look very attractive.

Today, you will find all kinds of printed medical scrubs. In addition to a variety of non-holiday printed scrubs, there are many festive scrubs that meet the festive atmosphere, such as the scrubs with Christmas patterns. From Hello Kitty, geometric shapes, floral motifs to abstract designs-they have everything you can think of. However, if you don't like to carry a printed scrub, you can choose a solid color scrub with bright shades to stand out.

Advantages and disadvantages of printing scrub

In a working environment that does not strictly require uniform uniforms, you can choose between various printed frosted designs according to your personal preferences. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a printed scrub:

Personal preferences

Those nurses who like various cartoon characters may want to stand out and express their personality by wearing these styles. These interesting styles look really impressive.

Perfect Silhouette

If you have a special preference for your body shape, you can choose a printed medical scrub that can modify your body shape according to your body shape. For example, you can highlight certain areas or lighten other areas according to your preferences.

Spread a smile

If you are a pediatric medical staff or you have children among your patients, or you work in a children’s ward, wearing printed medical scrubs can spread enthusiasm, a good atmosphere and a fun environment.

Often dealing with pets or doctors in pet clinics, you can also choose to wear medical scrub uniforms with pet patterns. After investigation, we found that most of the medical staff working in these clinics prefer printed scrubs.


If you work in non-pet clinics and pediatric departments wearing cartoon characters or printed scrubs, this will not make you lose your career. However, some patients may doubt your credibility. In particular, when you are working with patients in an intensive care unit, some professionals may find that patterned printed scrubs are degrading.

Matching of printed scrub

If you have scrub tops with different patterns or colors, you may find it a bit difficult to match (compared to solid color scrubs). The way to solve this problem is to choose pure black, white or the same printed scrub top to match the same pants.

For example, if you are wearing a navy blue printed scrub top, you can choose a black or white pant, or you can choose a navy blue pant for matching.

If you are wearing a Christmas special printed scrub top, you can directly choose the color that matches Christmas or black and white.

If you want to custom or wholesale special printed medical scrub uniforms, welcome to contact us. Christmas in two months, we start to accept Christmas nursing scrubs customization. You know the early bird gets the worm. Now it’s time to start customizing the Christmas frosted top.