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How to Clean a Reusable Mask?

How to Clean a Reusable Mask?

Issue Time:2021/10/22
How To Clean A Reusable Mask?

Facts have proved that wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to reduce the infection rate of certain viruses such as COVID-19. Many workplaces now require masks to protect employees and customers from potential virus infections. High-quality reusable masks made of breathable fabrics are a good non-medical substitute that can help companies and individuals meet state and local mask wearing requirements. But how to clean reusable masks is a problem.

People who wear reusable masks have two good options to keep this mask clean: hand washing and machine washing. Either way, you should make sure to remove any filters inserted into the mask before washing.

Hand wash mask

Any mask made of fabric can be washed by hand. Fill the container with hot water and add any detergent you like. Wash the mask gently by hand in soapy water for at least 20 seconds. This is enough to ensure that any viruses attached to the mask are removed. Hang the mask to dry or use a hair dryer set at a high temperature to speed up the drying speed.

Machine wash mask

Fabric masks can be thrown into the washing machine and washed like other clothes. Put the machine on hot water and add your favorite washing powder. Then, put them in a dryer and dry at high temperature.

Mask storage

Store clean masks in a non-contaminated place (drawers, containers, cloth bags, plastic bags, etc.). Everyone should have at least two masks so that at least one can be worn, the other is being washed, and a clean mask can be used at any time.

Can medical surgical masks be reused?

Of course not. Most medical professionals usually wear blue surgical masks. These disposable masks are not designed for washing and reuse, so they should be discarded.

Can N95 masks be reused?

Disposable N95 masks provide a high level of protection against tiny virus particles. However, due to lack of availability, CDC has developed guidelines for extended use. A person should have at least five N95 masks that can be used in rotation. After wearing, the mask can be hung up to dry or placed in a clean paper bag for 72 hours for decontamination. It is not recommended to share the mask.

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