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Winter wardrobe: 6 tips to keep you warm in winter

Winter wardrobe: 6 tips to keep you warm in winter

Issue Time:2021/10/23

Winter wardrobe: 6 tips to keep you warm in winter

Have you chosen your favorite autumn and winter warm jacket?

Have you put on a warm medical scrub jacket?

If the hospital where you work has strict requirements for uniform dressing, and you want to look stylish while keeping warm, then you read the right article. ROPAFAST has compiled six tips for you to help you stay warm and stylish at the same time still follow the dress code of the hospital:

Choose your scrub carefully.

Some scrubs keep warm better than others. For example, many nurses like to wear cotton scrubs in summer because they are breathable. However, these breathable scrubs that are suitable for summer will make you shudder in winter. If your hospital is very cold in fall and winter, you may need to prepare some warm scrubs made of polyester or cotton-polyester blends. Because these fabrics are not so breathable, they are much better at absorbing and keeping warm. Keep in mind that these materials will also absorb sweat and other moisture. If the hospital where you work will turn on heating in fall and winter, then these materials may not be your best choice.

Wear a long-sleeved shirt or long sleeve underscrub knit tee.

Wearing a long-sleeved shirt or scrub inner under your short-sleeved antibacterial scrub is one of the easiest ways to keep warm in winter. Choose a shirt made of soft insulating material, which can be carried with you. Pure neutral colors such as black, white and gray can be used with almost any type of scrub, but you can also choose bright colors or printed underscrub shirts that perfectly match the scrub. (Before choosing an interesting color or print, please make sure your employer's dress code allows it.)

Also consider the bottom layer.

If you live in a place where the temperature is low, a simple long-sleeved shirt may not be enough to keep you warm. If this is the case for you, you may need to prepare yourself a set of thermal underwear, that is, plush underwear. This underwear is the first choice to keep warm by hikers, campers, backpackers, rangers and other people who often live in low temperature environments.

Wear one more over your scrub.

In addition to warm scrub underwear, wearing a jacket can also give you a lot of warmth. The first type of outfit you can choose is the lab coat. This coat is a must for most doctors, and most of the styles are very long. It not only keeps your upper body warm, but also keeps your upper legs warm. If you can't wear a lab coat to work, or you prefer sportswear, then you should definitely consider wearing a scrub jacket. These shorter jackets are located in the middle or upper part of the hips and are usually closed with zippers or snaps to keep warm. The medical scrub jacket and scrub top are basically the same in color, so you can wear a stylish and warm scrub jacket without violating the hospital's dress code.

ROPAFAST provides various styles of warm scrub jackets and these jackets all come in various materials, such as scrub jackets with hoods, scrub jackets with thumb holes, scrub jackets fleece lined and so on.

Don't forget to keep your feet warm.

You will dissipate heat through exposed parts of your body, including your feet. Nursing clogs or tennis shoes are designed to wick away sweat rather than keep warm. In order to keep your feet warm in winter, choose tall and warm socks to reduce heat loss. They should be high enough to cover any skin exposed by your scrub. Wool is a particularly good material choice because it combines the properties of insulation and moisture wicking. Compression stockings can promote healthy blood flow to the area, and can also help keep your feet warm and promote overall circulation.

Replace worn scrubs.

Medical professionals are very particular about their scrubs, and there is no denying that these clothes will wear out quickly. Needless to say, a scrub with holes, frayed seams, or frayed patches will not keep you warm like a better-shaped scrub. If your scrub is falling apart with each wash, it is definitely time to upgrade to some new warm scrubs.

If you want to custom or wholesale warm scrub jackets for winter or order inner scrub shirt, please feel free to contact us.