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Tips to look different in fashion scrubs

Tips to look different in fashion scrubs

Issue Time:2021/10/27

Tips to look different in fashion scrubs

Choose the scrub that suits your body type

By choosing a scrub that suits your body shape, you will get a more stylish and modern silhouette. Wearing scrubs that are not suitable for your body shape can cause embarrassment and flawed appearance. When choosing a scrub, try to strengthen your strengths and avoid deficiencies. We generally divide body types into hourglass, pear, apple, etc. (Click to read the dressing skills of various body shapes).

Choose the right size scrub

By wearing the right scrub, you can stand out and show your figure. You can choose the right size by measuring your body size and comparing it with the size chart (click to read the measurement method).

Pay attention to color matching

Our most sure choice is that the top and bottom are the same style (color, style, etc.). Of course, we can also have different colors for the top and bottom.

Match your top and pants

When choosing a scrub, it is important to match the top and pants. Although the mix and match are effective in most cases, it is recommended to choose scrub pants and tops belonging to the same series or brand, so that at least the fabric and color will not violate the harmony.

Wear fashion accessories appropriately

Although health-care professionals do not recommend wearing jewelry or expensive accessories, you can still decorate your image with other small accessories. Such as stethoscopes, brooches and name tags.

Use the scrub in the right attitude

Your attitude is very important. A bright smile, glamorous appearance and clean and tidy clothes can add charm to you. In addition, remember to use the correct cleaning method to clean your scrub to ensure the life of the scrub and a neat appearance (we have previously posted a blog about the correct cleaning of scrubs, welcome to read)