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9 essentials of medical profession that every nurse must have

9 essentials of medical profession that every nurse must have

Issue Time:2021/10/29

9 essentials of medical profession that every nurse must have

The staff of each profession have their own unique clothing and accessories that they must have. These work uniforms or accessories can not only be used as a tool to differentiate from other jobs, but also ensure the safety and effectiveness of the work process. Speaking of the medical industry, due to the needs of work, medical staff have an increasing demand for some essential items.

Therefore, as a nurse, you must not miss the following nine key points of care:

1. Scrubs

Now, we can easily identify professional nurses, doctors or health professionals based on clothing. Lab coats are vital in the laboratory. Surgical masks and caps ensure the safety of doctors, while warm jackets provide a comfortable feeling in cold weather. Work clothes have a huge impact on the staff. 

Therefore, it is important to choose soft, lightweight but strong and elastic medical scrub tops and pants, which can ensure free stretching and movement during work and increase the comfort of wearing and work. Medical uniforms will have spacious pockets and practical loops. This design can easily access and place the necessary work accessories (pens, timers, flashlights, etc.), thereby improving the work efficiency of medical staff.

2. Nursing shoes

Maybe you don't pay much attention to nursing shoes, but nursing clogs and medical shoes play an important role in your work comfort. Nursing shoes can ease long and difficult work shifts and ensure that every step in the nursing ward is comfortable. 

Therefore, choose shoes with non-slip soles to provide an extra layer of support when walking, thereby reducing instability. The soft and lightweight fabric has a moisture wicking effect, which can keep your feet soft and dry, while the antibacterial insoles surprisingly inhibit the growth of bacteria.

3. Stethoscope

The stethoscope is one of the most important tools in the nursing profession. Starting from the School of Nursing, every student has a stethoscope. Medical staff use stethoscopes to listen to patients' heartbeats and abdominal sounds, diagnose their lung health, and determine their breathing patterns to assess their specific health problems.

Therefore, please use a stethoscope with extraordinary acoustic performance to enable you to obtain accurate patient assessment and diagnosis results. According to the major, when choosing the right stethoscope, pay attention to choosing from cardiology, pediatrics, teaching, nursing, student or veterinary stethoscope.

4. Flashlight

Nursing pens and flashlights are both practical and fun! Carrying a pen with you allows you to record work and study, write down patient concerns, and write down medication prescriptions on a piece of paper. Penlight allows you to check and measure pupil dilation, helping you to better perceive the patient's condition, such as their consciousness and cognition. In addition, it ensures easy inspection of the throat and oral cavity area.

5. Thermometer

Thermometers are medical supplies that we often use in our daily lives, and are often used in healthcare environments. The convenient and portable product allows you to quickly check the patient's temperature and immediately diagnose any potential health problems. 

Digital thermometers are very useful, allowing quick and accurate readings to be easily obtained. Especially when the new coronary pneumonia is epidemic now, pay attention to the body temperature of every patient, yourself and others in daily life, and pay attention to safety protection in daily life.
6. Medical Handbook

Medical pocket guides and reference books provide nursing practitioners with valuable information about specific issues experienced by patients, helping nurses avoid mistakes and make better decisions in their careers.

Good care guidelines can help you understand the correct use and potential reactions of drugs and drugs, follow the best medical procedures, adopt high-quality medical care guidelines, and provide better patient care through research and practice.

7. Smart phone, tablet or handheld computer

In today's technologically advanced environment, the medical industry has seen tremendous innovations and changes in medical practice, such as the treatment of chronic diseases, and the application of electronic media in attendance, data archiving, and report production. Therefore, you must have a portable computer suitable for smartphones, PDAs or tablets to allow you to work more efficiently and better. In addition, you can use various free medical Android mobile applications to improve your performance. You can communicate with your patients in real time and guide them to respond to emergencies.

8. Bandage scissors

Most nurses put a pair of scissors in the pocket of their overalls during working hours. From this, we can infer its importance. You have been using it to cut bandages and medical tape to remove old bandages or to wrap wounds. Convenient items are made of stainless steel, polished and non-stick surface coating to prevent rust and prevent them from getting stuck during use.

9. Medical kit

In addition to the nursing supplies mentioned above, there are also medical kits that can be placed in the tools you use frequently in the workplace. In addition, the package enables you to effectively respond to emergencies. In the bag, you can put bandage scissors and tape, dissection kit, sphygmomanometer, tweezers and measuring tools, flashlight, stethoscope, pulse oximeter and other items you think are necessary (of course, finally put in the bag What items depend entirely on your work needs).

Considering the importance of all nine nursing essentials mentioned above, you must not compromise on their quality and use. Attractive work clothes can enrich your personality, and high-quality accessories can ensure excellent accurate diagnosis and patient treatment. So prepare for your next shift and add value to your duties!