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Polo shirt guide: Polo work uniforms types

Polo shirt guide: Polo work uniforms types

Issue Time:2021/11/03

Polo shirt guide: Polo work uniforms types

Polo shirts are the most common work uniforms. Employees in any industry, as long as they wear polo shirts with a special logo or color matching, then these polo shirts show the company's professionalism and solidarity. But among the customers we have contacted who want to customize their own polo shirts, many customers are not very familiar with polo shirts. Here is some information about polo shirts. Hope these can help you in choosing the right polo work shirt.


Polos are commonly made of knitted fabrics that are easily recognizable by their braid-like pattern. Most polos are knitted and there are two main types or structures: pique and jersey.

Pique Polos

Pique is easily recognizable for its woven and waffle-like pattern. Pronounced “pee-kay” or more commonly “peek,” a lot of traditional and basic polos are made from this material. This material is durable and flexible with a natural stretch built in for ultimate comfort. The looser weave allows for air to circulate better, making it a highly breathable fabric. The strong fabric of a pique polo makes for a sturdier and more expensive looking apparel item.

Jersey Polos

Jersey fabric is widely associated with t-shirts, but it is also a popular choice for polos. Jersey polos are smoother and flatter in texture, giving them a softer feel in comparison to pique fabric. This fabric tends to have more elasticity than pique and a lighter feel, ideal for a more slim-fitting polo.


Now that you know a little more about the difference between pique and jersey polos, it’s also important to know the various materials that polos can made of. The three main materials are polyester, cotton, and a 50/50 blend. Each material has its own features that will impact what polo fits your custom apparel needs best.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is waterproof and stain-proof. This produces a high-strength and durable fabric that can resist shrinkage and wrinkles. Polyester polo shirts have moisture wicking function, so work uniforms made of such fabrics can stay dry and comfortable all day long.

This type of fabric is most suitable for companies that wear formal or professional attire. Therefore, if you are looking for custom clothing that employees can wear in virtual meetings, on-site visits, or in the office, then this is your best choice. In addition, polyester fiber is ideal for outdoor activities and team sports uniforms due to its moisture wicking properties.


Cotton fabric is made of natural fibers. Polo shirts made of this material provide ultimate comfort and fluidity. It should be noted that cotton Polo shirts need to be extra careful when washing and drying, because pure cotton fabrics are easy to shrink and deform. When we accept customization, we generally do not recommend customers to choose 100% cotton fabrics.


Blended, or otherwise called cotton/polyester blends, this type of fabric is one of the more popular material choices for polo. This hybrid material has high air permeability, durability and wrinkle resistance, as well as good absorbency. This mixed material can maintain better results after washing, and it is a durable and easy-care fabric.

When customizing polo shirts, if the work is in the kitchen or food service, landscaping and factories, we generally recommend choosing this type of fabric.

If you need custom polo uniforms, please contact us. We will provide professional answers to your questions about uniforms, fabrics, logos, etc.