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Selection Guide for Engineering Work Uniforms

Selection Guide for Engineering Work Uniforms

Issue Time:2021/11/06

Selection Guide for Engineering Work Uniforms

Engineering uniforms are necessary work uniforms for engineering industries, construction companies, and many construction industries. When you search the website for the uniform you want, you will feel entangled again, because a professional uniform manufacturer will have a lot of styles, and you will feel dazzled at this time. We have listed the 3 most popular and basic engineering uniform styles below, hoping to help you choose the most suitable style.

Fluorescent jacket uniform

Fluorescent jacket uniforms are designed for those who work hard. This type of jacket will be equipped with many practical pockets, which are very functional and can accommodate many tools that may be needed on site. The fluorescent jacket is reflective to ensure the safety of workers in the construction area.

This uniform material is tough and durable. Like most engineering uniforms, it has waterproof, windproof, and fireproof functions. Of course, if you only need one or more of these functions, you can ask the manufacturer when you customize it.

Half sleeve engineering uniform

Half-sleeve suits are designed for employees who are not very dangerous at work. Generally, those working indoors are very suitable for this kind of work uniforms. This kind of indoor work uniforms are generally made of tough microfiber materials. They are generally suits, including a shirt and a pair of pants, and usually also have functional pockets. Our most common indoor jobs such as repair shops, auto repair shops, etc. will choose to buy this type of uniform.

The color of this type of uniform is generally not very light. Although there are many colors to choose from, the most popular and used is gray. The main reason is that gray is more resistant to dirt. Of course, the final color depends on the preference of you or your employees, or the color most suitable for your corporate image.

In addition, this type of work uniform is not only half-sleeved, there are many long-sleeved work uniforms. The final style and color are finalized, depending on your needs.

Coverall engineering package

If you like the feeling of being all-covered and feel very secure, a full set of engineering packages is your best choice. The style of this type of uniform is generally similar to that of pilot-style jumpsuit uniforms. Generally divided into fluorescent color styles and durable functional styles. This jacket usually has two side pockets. The specific style and color can be selected according to the needs of customization.