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Tunic uniforms selection for beauty salon and spa uniforms

Tunic uniforms selection for beauty salon and spa uniforms

Issue Time:2021/11/08

Tunic uniforms selection for beauty salon and spa uniforms

The tunic is a classic style. Many tunic uniform styles can be seen in the beauty industry, massage industry and even medical industry. If you want to know more about spa and beauty salon uniforms, welcome to read the following.

Hope this article can help you choose those styles that suit you.

Selection of color:

Depending on the image or dressing requirements of the unit you work for, you may tend to choose those classic black, white, gray, pink, white, etc. However, depending on the difference in fabrics and styles, some spa and beauty salon uniforms will have more colors. We recommend to refer to the corporate culture to choose the most suitable color of uniforms.


We provide embroidery services and various logo customization processes. We also have a professional design team that can help you design the corporate logo display form.

In addition, embroidery is an effective way to show the company's image and publicize. According to the survey, many beauty salon and spa organizations will choose to add their own logo to their work uniforms to achieve the effect of publicity.

Unlike scrubs, spa and beauty salon uniforms do not have too high requirements for some functions. The specific ones are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Pockets, medical staff will prefer scrubs with more pockets, while the spa and beauty salon industry has very little requirements for pockets. Many of the styles we can see don't even have pockets.

Stretch fabric for comfort

No shrinkage material and fade resistant colors

Antibacterial fabric

The exquisite waist that can highlight the figure, preferably the style that can create a charming silhouette, is the most popular. Not only the color, but this type of style can help spa and beauty salon organizations become more popular with customers. Who doesn't like uniforms that highlight the figure?

Side vents to additional air flow

If you have any need to custom or wholesale your exclusive spa&beauty salon work uniforms, please feel free to contact us and wholesale at affordable price.