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Printing or embroidery

Printing or embroidery

Issue Time:2021/11/22

Printing or embroidery

If you need a customized logo, we can provide processes such as screen printing, embroidery or digital printing. In all our current customized lists, many customers choose embroidery to express their logos. Of course, many people still don't know much about printing and embroidery. The following is a comparison between the two.

Screen printing and embroidery

Screen printing and embroidery are two completely different printing methods. When we provide suggestions to customers, we will consider the size of the logo, the fabric of the clothes, and the usage. Screen printing is to use technology to print the logo on clothes. Embroidery can be manual or machine. Generally, embroidery is more expensive than printing, especially manual embroidery. It is not only due to labor costs, but also materials. All of our current customization, printing and embroidery account for almost the same proportions. Some clothes also have several crafts, for example, a scrub top, almost all customers will choose to use embroidery to express the logo, and then print it on the back collar.

Screen printing

Custom embroidery

Our embroidery will be limited in size. It is recommended to embroider a design covering the left and right chest of the T-shirt to maintain quality and professional appearance. In addition, the larger the design and curvilinear text, the more difficult it is to embroider on a T-shirt.

In addition to the left and right chests, you can place embroidery. If the logo is small or has only letters, it can also be placed in the pockets, cuffs, and side pockets of pants.

All of our uniforms can accept logo customization. If you don’t know which craft to choose, we can provide suggestions.

If you have a need for custom uniforms, please contact us.