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Choosing the best Hi Vis workwears for delivery employees

Choosing the best Hi Vis workwears for delivery employees

Issue Time:2021/12/06

Choosing the best Hi Vis workwears for delivery employees

We rely on the staff in the distribution center to carry out transportation work every day. They are walking through the busy working environment with other workers, forklifts, conveyor belts and even robots every day. As long as you take a look at the site, you will find that every employee will wear high-visibility overalls to work. For them, wearing hi vis overalls is very important. The following are some tips that can help distribution center staff find suitable high-visibility work clothes.

According to different work arrangements, let employees wear corresponding colors. This will not only distinguish the work arrangement of each employee, but also make the work more efficient.

Find out if your work environment requires ANSI 107-rated high-visibility clothing. Many distribution center staff wear non-ANSI enhanced visibility clothing, which provides additional visibility at a lower price than most ANSI-rated equipment.

If the employee's work involves a lot of bending, stretching and other activities that require stretching. Please pay attention to choosing work uniforms that can ensure the flexibility of employees' activities.

For workers working near machinery such as forklifts or conveyor belts, detachable safety vests can be selected. This can prevent employees from being unable to escape the predicament when the vest is jammed by moving parts.

You can consider multi-functional work uniforms with more pockets, if those employees will use a lot of tools for their work. Work clothes with multiple pockets can help workers reduce the frequency of returning to work stations to get tools, which greatly improves work efficiency.

If the temperature of your warehouse is not high, a lightweight cold jacket can protect the safety of employees even more. You have to know that employees are the wealth of a company.

If possible, please equip each worker with a pair of work gloves with good grip. They can protect employees' hands from cuts and abrasions.

Finally, comfort and breathability are the most basic functions that a work clothes should have, especially for those jobs that require a lot of physical effort. A work clothes with moisture wicking function will make employees more comfortable at work.

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