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Embroidery or screen printing uniforms

Embroidery or screen printing uniforms

Issue Time:2021/12/08

Embroidery Or Screen Printing Uniforms

When customizing uniforms that require logos, sometimes we hesitate between embroidering or printing.

This article can help you understand the difference between embroidery and printing, hoping to help you better choose the logo expression process.

Embroidery is to sew thread directly onto the fabric. In the past, embroidery was hand-sewn by people, but today's embroidery is produced by advanced computerized embroidery machines. The current embroidery not only provides a variety of thread colors, but also expresses the logo more accurately and perfectly.

Screen printing involves applying ink directly on your customized uniform. This type of craft has a lot more colors than embroidery.

The above is an introduction to the two processes. If you are confused about which process to choose, please read the following points:


You can choose the logo expression method according to the color of the logo. For example, the gradient color, sometimes, the gradient color logo will be more suitable for the printing process. This is because the printing process can satisfy many colors and the gradient colors can be easily displayed.

Embroidery craftsmanship can show precise and meticulous embroidery. Ropafast also has a variety of thread colors to choose from, but the colors are far less than printing colors. However, although the color of embroidery is not as much as the color of the printing process, the embroidery logo is more exquisite and textured.


To display a logo or pattern perfectly, it is important to choose a suitable location and apply the most suitable craftsmanship.

If you need to present a large pattern and logo, and want it to appear on the front or back of the clothes, then printing is a better choice.

On the other hand, if you want the logo to be more textured or the pattern to be more advanced, embroidery may be a good choice.

Embroidery is most suitable for small custom uniforms or t-shirts. If you want a large embroidered pattern, this is not only expensive, but also not very suitable for large embroidered logos or patterns on work uniforms.

Detail performance

Very detailed images are also more suitable for printing. The printing process can accurately reproduce all the details of the pattern and logo, even small characters.

Because embroidery uses threads with a certain weight and thickness, it cannot accurately express details.

In short, if you pay more attention to details, you can choose the printing process, if you pay more attention to texture, you can choose embroidery.

Of course, the performance of logos or patterns is not limited to printing and embroidery. Thermal transfer and digital printing are also good choices. Thermal transfer is a decorative method that uses a heat press to coat high-quality digital paper on clothes. Thermal transfer is very suitable for small orders or personalized orders. Digital printing refers to the printer's use of inkjet technology to apply ink directly on clothing. This is a very accurate method of printing images with multiple colors or photo-realistic designs.

If you still have difficulty choosing between screen printing or embroidery, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced designers will provide advice based on your specific needs. Or if you are looking for a uniforms manufacturer, please feel free to contact us, and we canm provide all sorts of uniforms.