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How to achieve your customized embroidery over uniforms?

How to achieve your customized embroidery over uniforms?

Issue Time:2021-05-18

How to achieve your customized embroidery over uniforms?

Embroidery is a decorative needlecraft that makes your uniform special. Today let me take you around the factory and see how your customized embroidery is achieved.

Firstly, input the data into the machine, adjust the approximate starting position, and go empty first to determine whether the position setting is appropriate. If appropriate, go back to the original point directly, exit the idling, and click "Direct Embroidery" to start.

After the machine is running, it is necessary to re-wind the empty lock core below in time to prepare it for a while. After connecting two or three lock cylinders without thread, you can suspend the machine and replace all the lock cylinders at the embroidered position. Then re-wind the changed lock core and repeat the process.

Then embroidery machines can create various styles of stitches which match up with hand embroidery stitches. Long and short stitch, satin stitch, back stitch, and chain stitch are the most common.

Are you impressed by the process of embroidering? If you answer is "Yes", please contact us to get your customized embroidery over uniforms.

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